The corona pandemic hit us quite unexpectedly. But now having experienced it with all its psychological and operational impacts – what can make us better prepared for the post-COVID world?

We all want to work towards some kind of better world - starting with an organisation that is continuously preparing for the future. So why don't we actually move towards a common direction?

The world is currently in a state of upheaval - so it' s no surprise that we constantly have to adapt to new circumstances. Curious to re-align the story of your organisation?  

The first step into the future includes an assessment of the status quo. What can leaders do to prepare their organisation for the post-corona era and ensure sustainable success?

The current lockdown in many cities all over the world has changed the way we work dramatically. Many of us have set up our home office and meet our colleagues in virtual spaces. While working remotely in digital teams is already part of everyday life for some of us, cooperating across borders might...

As the CEO of Mediatum AG, and on behalf of the entire team, let me be the first to say… Welcome to our new website!