Cutting-edge solutions

Are you looking to fill key positions, and looking for leaders as part of succession planning or while establishing new business divisions? Contact us. As sector and methodology specialists, we boast an international network and a solution for every HR issue.

  • Executive Search  We source individuals for middle and senior management, CEOs and managing directors as well as supervisory board members and guide you through the reappointment process from start to finish.
  • Profile  We develop requirement and competency profiles to identify talent that would be the optimal fit for your company.
  • Development  We develop organisations, promote senior managers with tailor-made training and support change processes with individual coaching.

Our solutions fit your company

When evaluating executives, we consider skills-based and experience-based qualities. We pride ourselves on being strong judges of character and pay very close attention to ensure that the talent we present are a true fit for your company and its culture, ethos and employees.

Our solutions make a difference to your company

We utilise tried and tested tools such as validated assessments and interviews to place our work on a sound footing. We continuously align our ideas to meet your company's aspirations and objectives. We strive to provide solutions that will be effective in the long term and make a substantial impact on your company.

While excellent experts and executives are key to the success of any company, they also require significant investment. Poor hires or weak performances can have long lasting consequences. Mediatum Search uses a foundation of in-depth industry expertise to find the right candidates while supporting the selection of top talent for your company, thus reducing the risk of a poor hire.

Good senior managers and experts are indispensable. Today, retaining talent means offering more than just an attractive salary. Mediatum Development supports your executives and experts with bespoke coaching and development opportunities along their entire career path – from new hires to succession planning.