We diagnose and develop skills

What skills does your management team possess? Are they able to perform optimally both now and, most importantly, in the future? We evaluate the potential of your senior managers and experts and use these findings to draft proposals for skills-based development. Our coaching and training approaches are tailored to the overall development of your company.

We provide support for organisational development and change processes

Companies who align their skills and organisation to suit the market possess a strategic advantage. Positioning senior managers and restructuring departments or entire divisions creates new challenges and perspectives for your company. We help you and your employees navigate change processes, establish human resource development measures and advise you on the development of strategic decisions within your company.

We think holistically and work towards solutions

Our measures are tailored such that they capture a comprehensive view of your company. We collaborate with you to establish a workflow for every measure. After understanding your current situation, clarifying your development needs and setting development goals, we plan and implement the measures with ongoing evaluations and final conclusions.

Our development tools at a glance


Based on the positions you wish to fill within your company, we identify relevant skills and requirements and develop a profile to facilitate a targeted search for suitable individuals.


We use multiple methods during individual and group assessments to enable comprehensive selection and development decisions.

Development Center

Our Development Center tool allows us to support the continuing development of individuals, teams or organisations within your company. Comparable to group assessments, these formats provide a basis for reliable decision-making.

Management and cultural audits

Our management and cultural audits provide support for merger decisions and restructuring processes. We determine both existing and required skills, assemble optimal teams on this basis and support the restructuring of organisational structures and integration activities.

Onboarding und Coaching

Our onboarding service makes it easier for executives new to a company to integrate into their new environment. We also help senior managers to continue developing their skills with individual coaching. We can also work with the coachee at their place of work to incorporate practical experience and contextual observations directly into their coaching as required.

Training Leadership and collaboration

Strong leadership and cooperation are paramount in enabling companies to achieve their objectives. We analyse the values and specific behaviours currently upheld by your company’s management and implement tailor-made training goals and methods based on this assessment. With these measures, you can align leadership and collaboration more precisely within your company, use it to motivate employees and develop it in a profitable manner.

Healthy leadership

Healthy, motivated employees are an essential prerequisite for corporate success. Our specially designed training and coaching offering for senior managers allows us to support processes and structures aimed at promoting physical and mental wellbeing within your company. Encouraging resilience at management level is one main focus of our work.

Academy concept

We use this innovative development concept to closely align employees’ training and continuing professional development with company objectives and place great importance on conveying a combination of specialist knowledge and targeted actions. The Academy is implemented within your company and operated by both internal and external experts upon request.